How INI is managed

The General Assembly is the decision making body of INI.

Their key responsibilities are:

  • Elect the Board of Directors from the Partner Companies
  • Review and approve Board of Directors recommendations
  • Approve operational budgets

The Board of Directors is elected by the General Assembly. The Board is comprised of senior managers from core Partner Companies.

Their key duties are:

  • Define the Network strategy
  • Approve new INI Partners
  • Control quality management

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee consists of Coordinators from core Partner Companies who liaise and represent all INI Coordinators. The Members of the Advisory Committee are approved by the Board of Directors.
Their key duties are:

  • Act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors
  • Continuously monitoring processes and procedures to improve quality
  • Lead project groups and workshops

The Network Office

Located in Brussels, Belgium, the Network Office manages the daily operations of the INI Network.

  • Develop Network guidelines
  • Identify and select new INI Partner Companies
  • Network quality management
  • Marketing, communication and partner relations
  • IT applications & knowledge management

INI Coordinator

A locally appointed specialist dedicated to all INI matters within their company.
Their key role is to:

  • Act as a focal point for INI business within their company and with their company‘s customers.
  • Promote the INI Network both internally and externally
  • Internal knowledge center in respect of international business and the INI Network