INI Celebrates 40 Years of Success!

26 November 2019

On November 19th 1979, 40 years ago today, the International Network of Insurance® (INI) officially launched. The mission of INI is and has always been about working together to provide excellent non-life insurance services to international customers and brokers worldwide.



This year is very special for all of us here at INI as it marks our 40th anniversary — and what a busy year it has been so far! We celebrated our 40th  anniversary at all of our conferences this year, starting with our Asia Pacific Conference in Shanghai in March, followed by our General Assembly in May, held this year in Toronto, as well as our yearly Coordinators’ Conference in Oslo this past June.  During these meetings, we took the opportunity to look back on our past achievements and phenomenal growth, as well as look to the future. Our record over the last 40 years speaks for itself. 40 years ago, an idea was put into reality by a group of independent, courageous national insurers who really had little or no international experience and know-how. Indeed, at that time, many competitors, brokers and customers were very sceptical and gave us a life-span of maximum 5 years! How wrong they have been proven!! Here we are today, celebrating a robust and vibrant Network of over 150 member countries, stretching across much of the world. Our Members are responsible for over 450 m EUR internationally linked premiums. 

Insurance is a people’s business, but when bringing together colleagues with so many backgrounds and from so many different countries and cultures, success can only be possible if driven by a common strong will and a common strong belief to put such a Network concept into reality. We have done this, and it is probably our greatest achievement, crossing all barriers and frontiers to make success and create value. 
We are determined to continue to work alongside you to support more projects and deliver enduring success on the ground where it matters most. 
At this milestone, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of you for whom we have proudly worked side-by-side as we continually endeavour to help you and support your missions.  It continues to be an honour and a privilege.

Of course, we are also currently facing a degree of uncertainty and challenges. Doing fronting business today is much more complex than in the decades before. More country specific know-how and how to use this know-how to successfully set up an international programme or service local policies is needed. While these issues have the potential to impact the insurance industry, we remain upbeat. Our track record over the last 40 years gives us every confidence that with flexibility and personal dedication we can navigate challenges that arise and continue to take advantage of the many significant opportunities. Even more in the future our close collaboration and the ambition to succeed will be the crucial factor for us.
We look forward with great optimism as we commence the next decades of INI’s success!


Clemens Markstein

Chairman - INI Board of Directors & COO, Member of Executive Board Baloise Switzerland

André Rohlmann

General Manager
 International Network of Insurance