New INI Chairman - Clemens Markstein, Baloise, Switzerland

13 November 2019
At the last Board Meeting in Basle on 23-24 October 2019, Clemens Markstein was appointed by the INI Board of Directors as the next Chairman.

Clemens has very broad industry experience and has been a member of the INI Board of Directors for eight years. He represents Baloise as well as the three Baloise INI Member Companies in Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg on the INI Board of Directors. Clemens is currently serving Baloise Switzerland as COO and has been a Member of the company’s Executive Board of Baloise Switzerland since 2009.

We thank Michael Truwert for his time as Chairman of the Board of Directors, since October 2015. His efforts and dedication will not be forgotten. We wish him and Clemens all the best in their future endeavours!