Bolloré Group: a prestigious customer in MMA’s portfolio

15 octobre 2019

At the end of 2018, MMA was approached to take over, as a lead partner, the Bolloré Group's
Property Damage and Business Interruption Insurance Programme.
The package proposed by MMA to the Bolloré Group includes five independent insurance
policies for a substantial premium amount.
Within the insurance programme, risks are spread over various activities such as transportation
and logistics, energy distribution, plastic films and electric mobility. All this in various geographical
areas, such as France, Canada, the US, India and Africa, where MMA has partners via the
Globus, the added value of INI
The collaboration between INI and Globus makes it possible to carry out the Bolloré Group’s
property programme by offering competitive insurance conditions in 20 African countries.
A coveted Client
Created in 1822, the Bolloré Group is one of the 500 largest companies in the world. Listed on
the stock exchange, it is still controlled by the Bolloré family.
By becoming the main insurer of its insurance program, MMA is sending a strong signal to all
market players, clients and brokers about its willingness and ability to handle a major international
programme. MMA and INI have become a technical and structured alternative to offer complex
and multi-activity insurance solutions on an international scale.
A collective success story
The successful implementation of this major account is the result of the mobilization of all MMA
resources: Global Underwriting, Back-Office, Loss Prevention, Claims, Senior Management, with
the support of the INI Network.
The Bolloré group in figures (2018)

  • + 81,000 employees in 12 countries
  • 1.3 billion euros in operating income
  • 23 billion euros in revenue
  • 28 billion in equity capital