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Centrally managed, tailored and aligned with local regulations, with the INI Network you can be sure your insurance programmes will protect you and your clients across the globe.

Established in 1979, INI is a Network of market leading insurance companies, located in over 150+ countries, across all continents. These partners work together to provide commercial and industrial non-life insurance to international customers and brokers worldwide.

INI Partners have a detailed understanding of foreign insurance legislation and ensure each policy is fully compliant with local insurance regulations. They also ensure you and your clients' needs are met and they maintain long term business relationships to each other and to their business partners. Each INI Partner has a dedicated point of contact and a team of connected experts working with each other to serve the needs of clients throughout the world.

From local policy covers to hybrid solutions and fully integrated Controlled Master Programmes, INI Partners offer the full range of international insurance solutions. In an Controlled Master Programme INI Partners arrange coverage under one master programme allowing central management, control and providing you and your clients with central buying power. All locally admitted policies are issued in accordance with the insured’s risk and exposure requirements in all countries.

Looked at individually, the resources of each INI Partner are impressive but when combined within the Network structure, an enormous institution is created, driven by the needs of our clients.

Claims services

INI Partners offer local claims handling expertise, including liaison with the programme controlling Managing Company and its respective claims department. This guarantees a service that takes the local and international perspective and the compliance with local and international laws. All claims are handled via our web-based platform INI Connect, the Network’s global electronic service platform, in accordance with the Network Service Guidelines.  

Risk control services

INI Partners provide comprehensive risk control and loss prevention services which include risk improvement recommendations. And when beneficial these services can be combined with the expertise of the risk control staff of the programme controlling INI Partner.
INI Partners guarantee a seamless delivery of service via a single point of contact.

Service excellence standards

In order to ensure you and your clients a consistent service standard globally, Partners are held to the INI Service Commitment and business guidelines. Through these agreements INI Partners commit to adhere to defined procedures and the delivery of agreed service standards within a precise time frame. This includes rating of the provided service quality, risk surveying, issuance of local fronting policies, reinsurance and claims handling.  Adherence and performance of INI Partners is monitored through the INI Connect business communication platform which allows to constantly monitoring and enhancing the service quality of each INI Partner.

Global conferences

INI Partners meet in Global Conferences every year to collaborate, learn, and maintain professional and personal relationships. Additional conferences and working groups are conducted regionally and through industry, insurer and committee gatherings to build collaboration, trust and understanding. INI Partners discuss how to further enhance the service quality, develop new ideas, inform and inspire one another and create better opportunities and services for your clients. Trustworthy cross-border collaboration ensures that members and your clients benefit from INI’s extensive network.