Your Global Solution


Largest network of independent insurance companies

Over 3500 global insurance programmes

Various business lines

Quality monitoring & management

Collaboration between 130+ market leaders

Over 10.000 policies 

Instant online access to all relevant programme information 


Global Coverage in over 150+ countries

With over 40 years of experience, INI is the largest network of independent insurers with a presence in more than 150+ countries and spread over all continents. Over 3,500 global insurance programmes and over 10,000 policies prove a consistent standard of service irrespective of where the insured operates globally. In addition to a central Network office that manages the strategic activities, the Network is overseen by the General Assembly, Board of Directors and Advisory Committees.

Market Leaders with Financial Stability

INI Partners are independent insurers as well as experienced leaders within their respective markets.  Each network partner is approved by the INI Board of Directors and follows the same contractual membership obligations and service guideless worldwide. We choose our partners carefully based on defined criteria such as: financial strength, servicing capabilities and experience and claims handling expertise.

Compliant with international standards & local legislation

Local coverage is issued and managed on instructions of the leading insurer by dedicated local teams with in-depth knowledge of their countries’ insurance market practices and regulations. We also ensure that local coverage and taxation constraints as well as reinsurance licence needs are complied with.

Coordinated claims services (single point of contact)

INI Partners offer local claims handling expertise including liaison with the program controlling underwriter and respective claims department.
All claims are handled via our web-based platform, INIconnect, in accordance with the Network contractual obligations.

Global Business Platform - INIconnect

Our web-based global business platform INIconnect – brings together over 130 companies in over 150 countries and is where all INI business and communication is handled. INIconnect also offers a knowledge management platform which provides Partners with an in-depth view of local market compliance and underwriting requirements. 

Local knowledge. Global expertise.

Over the decades we have built partnerships in Europe, Asia, North and South America and in the African markets to provide you with unparalleled access to opportunities worldwide. Each INI Partner company has one dedicated point of contact and a team of experts available. With the INIcis (INI Country Information System), the most up-to-date international information is readily available.

Global Broker dashboard - INIlive

Easily manage the global insurance accounts from one site. INIlive provides brokers and clients with a real-time, 24/7 view of their global programmes. We designed INIlive to help make it easier to manage the international business and deliver better service. Here is just a sample of the self-servicing intelligence you get with INIlive:

  • Issuance Status

    Local policy issuance status for each country across the multinational program, including any endorsements.
  • Policy Summaries

    Review and download current summary of exposures, limits, and coverage details for each local policy.
  • Policy Documentation

    Download all program documentation uploaded by the local company including local policies, claim details, endorsements, certificates, and invoices.
  • Claim Overview

    Access detailed loss information. Plus, download claim status and claim history at the program or country level and for a user-defined timeframe.
  • Translation Tool

    Get instant translations of all uploaded documents, such as policy documents, endorsement, certificates, and invoices.